Monday, October 27, 2008

Adi's Here

Happy Birthday Adelaide Sophia Vongsawad!
Born 10/27/08 at 12:58am.
6 lb 12 oz.
19 in.

Amy went into labor last night at about 6:30pm, her mom and neice, Ashley, arrived from CA at about 7:00pm as Tyler went off to a Sunday Evening Discussion. Contractions remained 10 minutes apart for the next 3 hours, Amy and Tyler decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. After stopping 3 times we decided to call the hospital, we told the nurse that Amy had been having contractions 10 minutes apart for the last 3 hours, they said to drink a couple big glasses of water and then come to the hospital when the contractions were closer together. Well after we hung up, 2 glasses of water went down the hatch and immediately the contractions started coming 5 minutes apart, and they hurt! Time to call Tyler's mom, who came over to stay with the kids while Amy, Tyler, Joyce, and Ashley headed to the hospital. Amy pleading, "get me my epideral" for the next little while got to the hospital and was already dialated to a 7. The quiet pleading for the epideral, turned to a more vocal statement of "if you don't get me the epideral I will DIE!" Luckily, Robert came with the magic drugs and gave Amy a great numbing feeling that made everything all better. 15 minutes later Amy was in heaven, the doctor came in and after 3 pushes the baby came out screaming.

No complications with mom or the baby. We're now sitting in the hospital, Aiden and Sam came this morning to see their long anticipated baby sister.

By popular demand, we have added more pictures of Adi.