Friday, March 20, 2009

Who thinks Adi's cute? I DO!!!

Here's Adi at about 4 months old. I love the way she looks at me. Like she is trying to tell me something.... like she knows something. I am excited to see her personality develop. I think she will have a lot of it. Just like her big brother and sister.

Aiden's new adventures

Aiden went skiing at Sundance for the first time this season. He went once last year, and is now improving his skills with dad this year. I think a few more times and he'll have it down... and then he'll start snowboarding.

Tyler enrolled Aiden in soccer this year and this is his very first game. He said he scored 5 goals, but he might have been exaggerating... or not! It looks like he'll be a good soccer player, once he stops pushing his teamates out of the way.