Sunday, November 1, 2009


We survived yet another Halloween. I will feel better when all the candy is out of our house, but until then, I will just deal with the hyper kids. Here is the cute children... I mean, here's Bumblebee and two cute fairy princesses. Is it me, or was every girl a fairy this year?

Earlier in the week we got our pumkins. The kids each get to pick their own. They had a good time.

Here are the kids fighting over who is going to pull the wagon full of pumkins. Of course Sam is hitting Aiden. She does that a lot.

Adi's Birthday

By the looks of it, I would say that Adi had a good 1st birthday. At least she liked the cake. We had family over and had a little party for her. It was fun to see her turn into a big girl! This year went by so fast. She is a good little girl and we love having her in our family.