Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Root Canal

So this is obviously not me... but this is the way I looked yesterday for 4 hours. Yes, 4 hours. Note: my mouth was wide open... for 4 hours. So although the experience altogether sucked, there were some comical moments that resulted from it (insight into my sense of humor). I came in, they layed me down and started me on laughing gas and gave me headphones with music playing (one of my selections being the soundrack to Last of the Mohicans). It was then that as I closed my eyes listening to this very dramatic music, my head spinning, feeling like I was Tom Cruise at the end of the movie "Far and Away" when he hits his head and the sky is spinning above him. Two seconds later as I am waiting for the Dr. to come in, I am picturing Steve Martin in "Little Shop of Horrors" singing "... shooting puppies with a beebee gun". They got started and having a rough go at my "long, skinny" and obviously very annoying roots they need to keep pouring "Drano" down my roots and then leaving me for 30 minutes at a time. Oh, I didn't mention that after they got me all set up and looking like the picture above, I had to pee. ANNOYING!! Anyways, as I am waiting for "Drano" to work I am listing to Dr. in other room tell a patient "Yeah, you really don't want that to turn into a root canal". I wanted to yell, "Yeah, YOU DON"T", but of course I couldn't. Oh yeah, there was also this song I kept hearing about "transporting all over my heavenly body". Weird, right? So, after they finally clean out roots, (P.S. titanium file breaks off in my root which supposedly happens some time) they give me some oxygen and then they give me the bill. Pay $1000 now and then you get to pay another $1000 when you come back to get your crown. If only it was one of those sparkly, gold and jewel studden crowns that princesses wear... if only. So.... yeah that was my day yesterday. I definitely don't want another one of those. I think I would rather them pull it. Regardless it is over, and my advice to everyone I know????... brush, floss, and regularly see a good (I repeat) good dentist.
UPDATE: Ok, so my dentist apt. was 4 hours. My root canal was probably a little over 2 hours. Still, that's a long time. P.S. Previous dentist was crap and messed up my teeth. This one is very good.


The Galley's said...

hahaha, that sucks! Chad's root canal only took like 45 min.

Julie said...

You need to go to MY DENTIST!!! He is the best in the world!!!!! Bill Francis -- I have unfortunately had many root canals (we have some kind of genetic tooth thing, Karen had her first root canal at 8 on a tooth that hadn't even come through the gums yet), and they never take more than an hour. I have huge problems getting numb, & with Dr. Francis, I never have any pain.

Jimmy and Julie said...

Just got one of these lovelies on Thursday! Not my idea of fun!